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Joanne Cini

On the personal side:

I was born in Detroit, Michigan as a first generation American. My parents, Phil and Rita Cini came to the U.S. from Malta, a Mediteranean beauty that is my second home in the world.

My siblings and I were raised to work hard, stay straight, laugh out loud and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We are blessed by our closeness and the lessons of our parents. Some of these life teachings are sprinkled throughout the book.

I've lived on the upper west side of Manhattan for more than twenty years and call it home. Interests include theater, film, travel, cooking (and eating), politics, philosophy and different cultures. I've taken acting and improv classes over the years and find it useful in my work and life!

I'd like to use this space to thank the many friends who stayed with me through my transitional year for their generosity, patience and great spirit. I'd also like to thank my agent Rob Wilson and Publisher Tim Moore at Prentice Hall for taking a chance on me as a first time author.

My experience is proof positive that life is full of opportunity, discovery and happiness. Open yourself up and let the good come to you!



About the Author

Joanne enjoyed a 24 year career in broadcasting with 17-years in management and executive positions. She was Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for NBC Television Stations, General Sales Manager for WCBS-TV, VP Local Sales for FOX’s WNYW-TV and National Sales Manager for WXYZ-TV in Detroit.

Joanne was nominated to attend GE's renowned Crotonville management class and also earned a Six-Sigma Greenbelt.

She broke many glass ceilings, spoke for herself when no one else would, mentored others and helped to build environments that were productive for the company and fulfilling for the employee.

Some of the challenges she faced include bringing FOX to network status in New York City, repositioning CBS prime programming to customers and starting an in-house representation firm for NBC. The results were great, the environments varied but all pointed toward the same outcome: the importance of consistent excellence, integrity and credibility, customer focus, personal branding and free agency.

Joanne has hired and managed hundreds of people, supervised nearly $2 billion in revenue, was a change agent at every place she worked and shaped healthy, winning environments with one eye on company objectives and the other on the dignity and ethics of the workforce.

Joanne left her television career in March, 2001. Kingmaker, talks, seminars and coaching brings her vocation full circle by sharing the many insights gleaned from her own experience, aided by today’s events, maturity, time and distance.

Joanne is a powerful, energetic, ethical and intelligent woman who was an enlightened and modern corporate executive. These skills are translated in the book and seminars and will show the reader/worker ways to navigate their road and still be true to their own values. The book is written from two important points of view: current leadership needs and empathic understanding of the challenges this represents to the worker.


Joanne Cini has written a career compass, called Kingmaker Be the One Your Company Wants to Keep...On Your Terms, in the hope and belief that it will help countless professionals navigate their way through today’s tough corporate job climate.

The promise is to learn how to remain true to yourself while understanding your role within the greater goals that belong to the company.

The process is to move from fear and survival mode into fulfillment and growth mode through excellence, truth, anticipation and planning.

The secret is to stay in tune with your own personal change and growth while you increase your value to an organization and an industry. Your larger view on your whole life and your long-term dreams and passions will help to keep these important elements alive and keep you on course to bring them to life.

Joanne has written extensively for business, this is her first book. She lives on Manhattan’s upper West Side.

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