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“Joanne Cini is a Kingmaker! Her insights and motivational approach are right on target. Her presentation on “Mattering” to my broadcast TV sales staff opened their eyes and created a roadmap for both their business and personal success. Joanne knows what it’s like to make the pitch and close the sale. I feel as if her vast sales experience is already translating to greater success for our team!

- Holly Steuart, Vice President & General Manager, KVVU-TV FOX5 Las Vegas

"Working with Joanne has been rewarding, enlightening and inspirational. During our workshop series, each participant experienced personal and/or professional victories through her thought provoking questions, frank discussions and subsequent “eureka!” moments. All of our Safe Zone workshop participants are better for having this experience. I continue to recommend her book as much as possible and will do the same for the Safe Zoning workshop. Thank YOU … Joanne for making a difference in the lives of others!"

Julie Anderson-Smith, SVP, Clear Channel Radio

“The response to Joanne’s seminar was overwhelmingly positive. I have never attended a presentation that was more enthusiastically received. As a result of her seminar attendees were definitely fired up. You could almost hear the group “aha” during the session. Everyone was riveted by her presentation; it was hard to clear the room for the next speaker. As a participant on her panel attendees stopped me afterward to tell me how much they appreciated the MIW group bringing her to speak. She inspired the attendees as well as those who served on her panel. I ran out and bought her book!”

Kristine G. Foate President and CEO Summit City Radio Group, LLC

Rating: Excellent
* fabulous…invite Joanne back
* good interaction with audience
* one of the best seminars I've attended

Gail Steffens, Convention Manager
Radio Advertising Bureau

Nelson Mandela said, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." Joanne Cini talks your language. She has been there, done that and speaks in a way that reaches your head and your heart.
Kennen Williams, President - Noll & Associates

"Ladies' High Tea is a monthly event in Rhode Island. The Federal Reserve Restaurant hosts social events that include a well-known speaker.

Joanne Cini was the featured speaker at the April First Ladies' High Tea on April 1, 2004. She drew close to two hundred guests to the event. The audience included working women who wanted to meet the author of Kingmaker: Be the One Your Company Wants to Keep; some who wanted to share their own stories and some who have always dreamed of writing a book. Joanne's speech was great! Like the book, she mixes wisdom, sincerity and wit to add energy and punch to her speech. She fields audience questions exceptionally well by really listening, asking clarifying questions where needed, repeating the question for the entire audience and providing specific answers. Joanne is such a genuine and likable speaker that audiences really respond. And so gracious in speaking with the audience after the speech, it took her over an hour to leave!"
Lisa G. Churchville, President WJAR TV Providence.

"Joanne Cini is one of the most energetic and vibrant speakers I have ever encountered. Her insights on surviving and thriving the climb of the corporate ladder are remarkable for their simplicity. With enthusiasm she turns the corporate jungle into a corporate park where the aware player can play the game to win without losing oneself in the game. I was amazed that a veteran of all four networks could still find joy in the continuous challenges of managing up as well as down. Even where one doesn’t agree with Joanne, one is inspired." Larry Miller, CEO Corninthian media.

"Joanne addressed our Rotary and was very upbeat and engaging in the delivery. Joanne's information was well received by the group as several members told me personally how interesting her speech was and how great it was to hear such a passionate presentation. Joanne is welcome back anytime!"
Liz Romaine, Inkwell Printing, Rotary Club of Westfield, New Jersey

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