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What's in Kingmaker for You?

The mission of Kingmaker is to guide you and your career on three levels. First, a real understanding of the objectives in today's business climate. Second, to find a personal way to thrive while holding on to your values, and finally, to keep your whole life goals and dreams alive through awareness and planning.

Questions at the end of each chapter serve as a brain-storming tool so that you can come up with your own answers to important career and life questions. You'll solve problems, create a plan and maybe even get to know yourself a bit better too.

One of the hardest things in business is to learn to not take things personally by taking a broader view on a pricklish issue. Kingmaker will show you how.

You might think your boss is a bully, but maybe he or she just has a lot of stress on their own plate. A little empathy goes a long way to understanding pressure's all around. With that understanding you can pave a way to higher value for yourself within the organization.

Just knowing that you're not alone in your questions, care, trepidation and passion will sometimes help to sooth stress. Believe me, you're not alone.

Maybe you will discover that one little trick or new process idea that takes you out of fear mode and moves you into thrive mode.

You might find Kingmaker a valuable tool for the members of your team to read. It can open discussion that might lead to greater understanding, collaboration and productivity in your own work unit.

......what have you got to lose?

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