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Who else should read Kingmaker?

Anyone who wants to feel as if their hard work is honorable and dignified and that it leads to a better place for themselves, their families and their contribution to the world.

Kingmaker will prove to be a good resource for Human Resources and hiring managers as a succinct guide for the new employee.

Non-Business professionals who want a better understanding of how to navigate corporations will benefit from the read.

The recent college graduate who wants and needs to know the day-to-day insights you don't hear about in business school.

The preoccupied spouse who works too many hours, is too tied to email, cell, pager and blackberry.

Anyone who is pondering a new job or a different career track.

Anyone who wonders if they can make it to retirement from their current path.

Anyone who has a hard time with office politics.

Anyone who has felt excluded or is just really tired of elbows in the face.

Anyone who obsesses about a bad boss, headcount reductions and their personal life-dreams that aren't seeing the light of day.

Anyone who could use a few real-life tips on Interview techniques, getting along with a boss who's your opposite, preparing for the annual review, or struggling with whether to sign a contract or not.

Anyone who wants a value match with the company they work for.

Anyone who could use some help with time and process management.

Anyone who is overly engaged in ego, fear and competition.

Anyone who feels hidden, invisible, or taken advantage of.

Anyone who doesn't have a champion in the workplace.

Anyone who has suffered silent indignities and doesn't like the "victim" role...turn this around!

Anyone who can't turn off a negative reel in their mind.

Anyone who wants to get on the high-level radar screen.

Anyone who has ever gone for a promotion and didnt win it...and didn't learn from it.

Anyone who feels their creativity is thwarted in the workplace.

Anyone who wants to get a handle on financial planning so they will be ready for any eventuality.

Anyone who wants a tactile plan for gaining bankable branding and free agency.

Anyone who loves their work but hates politics.

Anyone who needs help deciding if it's time to leave their current post.

Any manager who wants the people who report to them to be accountable, efficient, smart,and trustworthy.

Anyone who understands that they have the power, through excellent work and planning, to make the choice on who get's their talent.

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