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Kingmaker Table of Contents
Part One: People, Profit, Politcs and Process

Intro: You're Outta Here kid!
Why did I want to leave the career that I loved?

Chapter 1: Who’s a Kingmaker?
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Chapter 2: The Seismic Shift
Wall Street jitters, integrity issues, headcount reductions and technology all play a role in our new worklife realities.

Chapter 3: A Word about Profit…
Business is for profit. Understand this concept and find your own way to make peace with it. More than that, learn ways to impact the profit picture and create value for yourself within the organization.

Chapter 4: Politics at Large
The real deal about what makes the "big-guys" tick and everyone around them crumble or soar.

Chapter 5: Politics in the Day to Day
Be yourself and still give them what they want.

Chapter 6: Lose like a Winner
Hold yourself high and smart in the face of any aversion. The way you act when you lose might be more important when you "win".

Chapter 7: Ego, Fear and Competition
Three two sided engines that propel us to action...some healthy, some not. What is your gauge?

Chapter 8: The Responsibility of Leadership
How leadership impacts a whole life.

Chapter 9: The Champion
It is more efficient and comfortable to have someone advocate for you than to do it for yourself.

Chapter 10: Embrace Diversity
Diversity can be a tool to widen input, opportunity, and new levels of excellence. Where are you on this important issue?

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