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Part Two: Excel, Execute, Enjoy!

Chapter 11: Value Yourself if You Intend to be Valuable
Know what you bring to the party so that you can make your input matter and raise your security level.

Chapter 12: How Can You Affect the Company Margin?
Become a profit contributor from any level and raise your value to the corporation.

Chapter 13: Become Your Managerís Go-To Person
How to be the person your boss can count on in a pinch, no matter the issue at hand.

Chapter 14: Getting a Handle Obsession and Defensive Action
We all do it. Business isn't personal. Find ways to turn off your negative mind-reel.

Chapter 15: When is it OK to Break Rank?
Sometimes you have to let your stomach be your guide.

Chapter 16: Interview Discovery
Interviews are a two way street. Be your own detective every step of the way.

Chapter 17: How to Pick (and Get Along With) Your Boss There will be times you choose your boss. Pick with great care, your future and happiness could depend upon it.

Chapter 18: Management by Type
Who's your boss (really) and how can you become more compatible with this person, even if you know you're not a match.

Chapter 19: Preparing for Your Annual Review: Managing Your Value Perception
The annual meeting that should never be taken lightly.

Chapter 20: Keeping Clear on What you Think You Want
Knowing yourself, and your whole life goals, enough to guide you to making the best decisions possible.

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