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Part Three: Planning for Passion and Prosperity

Chapter 21: Branding Yourself, The Art of Free Agency
Gain security in your company and industry.

Chapter 22: Achieving Fulfillment Through Great Work
Make "the work" bigger than any current issue or nemesis.

Chapter 23: Letting go and having a Life
First understand why you can't let go...then pick up techniques that might lead to better whole life balance.

Chapter 24: The Freedom Plan
Never be stuck anywhere because of money. Plan early to have the financial wherewithal to make the calls in your life as you need to.

Chapter 25: When Leaving Is the Only Answer
Steps to bring you to some heavy decisions.

Chapter 26: Your Personal Value Kingdom
Making your work a beautiful effort worth your heart and soul....while always remembering your whole life kingdom. Build your riches in every life area.

Please click on "Chapter One" on the right column to read "Who's a Kingmaker". You'll gain an understanding of the term as it is used here and the call to action that the book might represent for you.

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